Alba Scots Pine Ale

The Alba Scots Pine Ale is the third ‘historic ale’ from Williams Brothers that we tried. As the name suggests, it uses Scottish pine and spruce in its fermentation. This style was originally brought to Scotland by the vikings and was still popular until the late 1800’s. The pine was boiled down with the barley, and the spruce was added shortly before fermentation to infuse themselves into the brew.

– Kamran, Tristan


The most intriguing aspect of this ale, for me, is its aroma. Along with a subtle sweetness of vanilla and oak, there is the smell of skittles! Not any particular colour of skittles, but just skittles in general. This note of skittles isn’t overwhelming, but it’s certainly noticeable. This candylike flavour continues on the palate, while the malt gives it a similar kind of vanilla/wood sweetness typical of the Tullibardine beers we previously reviewed.

While the body has a nice mouthfeel and texture, the ale is surprisingly heavy, in a sort of odd way. I wouldn’t want to drink too much of it — two or three tops. The finish leaves one wanting more, as the flavours dissipate rather quickly. Perhaps this is just because the initial taste is so much more intense. All in all, an enjoyable beer that I hope to get a hold of again.

Nose: 21
Body: 19.5
Taste: 20.5
Finish: 18.5

Kamran: 79.5 pts.


I found this particular historic ale to be a bit of a surprise. It’s aroma was sweet to the nose, as well as slightly malty and even fruity, though I believe that would be the influence of the spruce. As the picture shows, it is a beer with a rich colour. It is crisp, but somewhat heavier than typical ales – so perhaps not one to overdo. When we tasted the beer we felt it was sweet and almost had a taste like Skittles, which was covering a light maltiness to the beer. The short lived finish was what brought down the score on my review card, mainly because the aftertaste is rather brief for a beer with such strong flavors and aromas. Overall though I’d say it was a solid beer and a pleasant surprise to taste, and I look forward to having another in the future.

Nose: 21
Body: 21
Taste: 23
Finish: 18

Tristan: 83 pts.


I tell you, the Scots really know how to brew unique beers. Continuing the tradition of “Let’s brew a beer using random plants we find on the ground”, the Alba Scots Pine Ale is actually surprisingly good. I was really able to notice the pine in the light, fresh aroma that reminded me of a forest on a cool day. Although not terribly crisp and relatively heavy, this ale was still easy to drink due to its refreshing nature. I particularly enjoyed the flavour, which was heavily influenced by the pine, and created a sense of sweetness, reminding a lot of eating skittles. Contrary to my fellow reviewers, I found the sweetness in this particular beer lasted an appropriate amount of time, definitely encouraging you to take another sip.

Nose: 18
Body: 20
Taste: 23
Finish: 21

James: 82 pts.


Final Average: 81.5 pts.


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