We are three recent university graduates who are interested in exploring the world of craft beer, whisky, and other spirits as a means to keep track of and share what we like with others. While we have no problem with the big breweries out there and those who enjoy their products, we simply feel that better beer, closer to our standards exist and can be enjoyed with moderation and recommended to others.


What’s my story, you ask? Not much to tell really. Just another beer aficionado, transplanted from the vast brewery known as the United Kingdom to the Pacific Paradise known as Vancouver, ready to take on the challenges of new and interesting alcoholic concoctions.

Personally, I have yet to find my absolute favourite beer, so don’t be surprised when you see my reviews that a 90 is rare. There are many beers I have tried which I do rather enjoy (ie. most Innis & Gunn products and certain flavoured beers), but to be an A+ beer in my books, it would have to be a combination of  a unique flavour, strong, yet not overpowering, arouma, and an aftertaste which leaves the drinker wanting more, leading to a drive to drink that beer exclusively over an evening. Stay tuned to the reviews to see if anything can achieve this alcoholic pantheon.

With whiskey, I must admit I am a novice, and I look forward to learning the ways of the whiskey barrel from my colleagues in the near future.

By combining the diverse pallets of Kamran, Tristan, and myself, we hope to bring you the most comprehensive analysis of beer and whiskey available, helping you to determine your beverage of choice. After all, we are here for you, people.

– James Burrows (On Assignment Abroad As of April 2012)


In between my Undergrad (BA in Philosophy and Film Studies) and Graduate school (Film Studies), I have found myself working in a private liquor store, Edgemont Fine Wines, Spirits, and Ales, in order to save money to travel Europe in the summer . This vocation suits me perfectly, because, at this point in my life, I’d rather have a job I am passionate about — and may learn from — than go searching for a career. On account of my knowledgeable co-workers and trade events (VQA wine tastings, IVSA, Hopscotch etc.), I have broadened my range and cultivated a more sophisticated palate when it comes to beers, wines, and, especially, whiskies.

A few of the benefits of working at a private liquor store include knowing the products, knowing when new products are released, and getting to taste new products before we decide whether or not to carry it in our store. As a result, I’m typically kept up to date with all the many seasonal craft beer releases, limited time and new vintage wines, and independently bottled scotch whiskies. I often find myself, at social functions, discussing these products I get the opportunity to try; most of my efforts fall to deaf ears, as many people do not care and simply want to get drunk, but James and Tristan (amongst a few others) are an exception.

The three of us enjoy trying things the others haven’t, discussing them, and recommending them so the others may try it. It gives us great pleasure when we are able to recommend a favourite new beer to one another and have them discover for themselves how great it is. This is the primary motivation for our blog here: not unlike those discussing art (music, film, painting), we want to share the joy of common aesthetic appreciation — if you like what I tell you I like, then I like you! We take pleasure in being the ones to help you along a path of beer and whisky discovery, if only you’ll open your mind enough to voyage into strange, unforeseen territory!

PS: I also author an online film journal — found here: Aesthetics Of The Mind

– Kamran Ahmed


The blog was my brainchild idea of a way to categorize the beers I’ve had, and it has just grown from there! In my view, beer is something best savoured and shared with friends. This blog enables James, Kamran and I to share the beers/spirits we discover with people we know, and a wider community. Like wine, whisky, and other spirits, beer is as unique a drink as any. A delicate art combining malts, hops and other additives to deliver a desired aroma and taste for a season, occasion, or mood. While I have always been keen to expose myself to various types of beers, it has only been since I graduated with my history degree that I have consumed the majority of these craft/regional styles of beer with regularity. My personal favourite breweries are Innis & Gunn (Scotland), Russell (Canada), Rogue (USA), and North Coast (USA).

– Tristan Perry

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