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Catching Up With The Ranks

In order to get back in the groove of tasting new beers and writing up to date reviews, we will simply post our scores for all that we have tasted and rated in our absence. If you’re interested in a full review on any of the following, please comment below and we will make time to do a couple write-ups!


Kam: 75.5

Brother Thelonias:
Kam: 70.5

Coney Island Sword Swallower:
Kam: 85.5

Deschutes The Abyss:
Kam: 96

Deschutes, The Stoic:
Kam: 90.5

Driftwood Naughty Hildegaard:
Kam: 85.5

Driftwood Old Cellar Dweller (2012):
Kam: 71.5

Driftwood Old Barrel Dweller (2012) :
Kam: 89

Driftwood Singularity:
Kam: 96.5

Driftwood Wooly Booger (2012):
Kam: 85.5

Fort Garry:
Kam: 74.5

Granville Island Imperial IPA:
Kam: 65.5

Lighthouse Chocolate:
Kam: 84.5

Lighthouse Russian Imperial Stout:
Kam: 82

Old Speckled Hen:
Kam: 76.5

Ola Dubh 12:
Kam: 80.5

Ola Dubh 16:
Kam: 87

Ola Dubh 18:
Kam: 90.5

Petrus Aged Ale:
Kam: 84.5

Phillips Double Barrel 2010:
Kam: 96

Phillips Double Barrel 2011:
Kam: 93.5

Phillips Evergreen Ale:
Kam: 83.5

Phillips Green Reaper:

Kam: 88.5

Phillips Krypton RyePA:
Kam: 85.5

Schmaltz Brewing:
Jewbelation Sweet 16:
Kam: 82.5

Rogue Dead Guy Ale:
Kam: 91

Rogue Mogul Madness Ale:
Kam: 82.5

Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale:
Kam: 73

Russell 6.26: Kam: 90

Sierra Nevada Torpedo:
Kam: 91.5

St. Ambroise Vintage Ale:
Kam: 83

Thirsy Beaver Amber Ale:
Kam: 80.5

Three Philosophers: Quad Belgian Style Blend:
Kam: 83.5

Tree Brewing Vertical Winter Ale:
Kam: 82.5

Tullibardine Strong:
Kam 79

Wells Banana Bread Beer:
Kam: 77

Westvleteran XII:
Kam: 92.5

Whistler Chestnut Ale:
Kam: 81

Whistler Pineapple Express:
Kam: 79.5

Amrut Fusion:
Kam: 86

Kam: 86.5

Kam: 85.5

Bunnahabhain 9:
Kam: 88

Kam: 94.5

Glen Garioch 15:
Kam: 88.5

Glenmorangie Nectar d’Or:
Kam: 93.5

Kuch Nai:
Kam: 81.5

Maker’s Mark:
Kam: 78

Tullibardine Banyuls:
Kam: 85

Wild Turkey Rare Breed:
Kam: 89


Botanist Gin, The: Kam: 88.5

Bombay Gin: Kam: 76

El Dorado 12 Year: Kam: 94.5

Tobala Classico Mescal: Kam: 88

Scorpion Repsosado: Kam: 84

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The Resurrection

We have been absent for far too long. We apologize for this. At this point, with Kamran back in Vancouver, and Tristan as beer-enthused as always, we have pledged to be as committed and informative as possible. In some regards, we have held back our opinion; today, we seek to share it with you all. After posting scores for beers we have tasted in the meantime—granted, we did pay attention to this site even in our absence—we will begin posting our current beer reviews. Look forward to bookmarking our site in order to keep informed of the Vancouver craft beer community!

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What We’re Up To…

Over the next few days Kamran and I will release the reviews we’ve written of a particular brewery we’ve been tasting for a while now. With the newest seasonal release, these beers shall be posted in chronological release order, as well as comparisons to vertical tastings  we performed on certain styles! I know we’re excited to post them and share these ones with the wider world.


Here’s a teaser photo of what I’m talking about…

A Hard Days Night

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Beer Reviewer’s Lament

Unfortunately, we have all-but-lost one of our contributors. Our friend, James, has gone to England for an indeterminable amount of time. As a result, he, of course, will not be able to join us for tastings, or even access the majority of (Vancouver Craft) beers that we will be imbibing. James has agreed to continue contributing as a solo reviewer, guest writing on some of the beers and spirits he may taste there.

In a way, this may benefit the site. We have not been entirely productive, especially in the last few weeks, and a major cause of this is in coordinating three people — both for tastings and reviews. From now on, since there will just be the two of us, Tristan and myself,  you may confidently expect a higher level of activity and enthusiasm. At least until July 4 when I leave for Europe.

Rather than saving drafts and publishing only once all reviews have been written — a feature which has certainly slowed us down — we will now post as soon as one of us has written our review. This should give you something to engage yourself with, as well as indicate that another review — written by the other person — will arrive soon. With two people rather than three, the game of catch-up should be quicker, and we will more easily be able to motivate each other.

Thanks for visiting the site, and expect plenty of reviews to come soon!

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Breaking The Seal

Since becoming of legal drinking age, the three of us — naively participating in the consumption of generic products — have been exposed to a variety of what we’d like to call ‘bad beers’. Tired of the big beer companies telling us what to drink, we have moved to a higher experience of beer — transcended the gap from cold, near frozen gnat’s urine to a more refined taste of robust hops and malts. What started simply as a method to keep track of the various beers, whiskys, wines, and other spirits, soon became a way to explore and enjoy these beverages together and then share them with others. We will continue to expand our own horizons, and hope to help you expand your own!

For us, the most efficient means of beginning this endeavour was to conduct a full scale tasting — which we did over a two night period. In the end, we were left having tasted, reviewed, and individually — as well as collectively — scored a total of 23 beers and 6 spirits. We will be publishing a single post for each drink tasted; using paragraphs, we will distinguish between each of our three individual opinions, reviews, and scores. The ‘scorecard’ will compile and average our grades, which are based on a 100 point scale (25 for nose, 25 for body, 25 for flavour, and 25 for finish).

In order to maintain a similar repertoire of beer and spirit background — cultivating our palates on similar paths — we will be meeting periodically for tastings; however, we will occasionally be forced to post individually. This is due to a variety of complications that come with the advent of creating a multiply authored blog, including our locations, scheduling conflicts, personal interests, and unique opportunities.


– James, Kamran, Tristan

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