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Catching Up With The Ranks

In order to get back in the groove of tasting new beers and writing up to date reviews, we will simply post our scores for all that we have tasted and rated in our absence. If you’re interested in a full review on any of the following, please comment below and we will make time to do a couple write-ups!


Kam: 75.5

Brother Thelonias:
Kam: 70.5

Coney Island Sword Swallower:
Kam: 85.5

Deschutes The Abyss:
Kam: 96

Deschutes, The Stoic:
Kam: 90.5

Driftwood Naughty Hildegaard:
Kam: 85.5

Driftwood Old Cellar Dweller (2012):
Kam: 71.5

Driftwood Old Barrel Dweller (2012) :
Kam: 89

Driftwood Singularity:
Kam: 96.5

Driftwood Wooly Booger (2012):
Kam: 85.5

Fort Garry:
Kam: 74.5

Granville Island Imperial IPA:
Kam: 65.5

Lighthouse Chocolate:
Kam: 84.5

Lighthouse Russian Imperial Stout:
Kam: 82

Old Speckled Hen:
Kam: 76.5

Ola Dubh 12:
Kam: 80.5

Ola Dubh 16:
Kam: 87

Ola Dubh 18:
Kam: 90.5

Petrus Aged Ale:
Kam: 84.5

Phillips Double Barrel 2010:
Kam: 96

Phillips Double Barrel 2011:
Kam: 93.5

Phillips Evergreen Ale:
Kam: 83.5

Phillips Green Reaper:

Kam: 88.5

Phillips Krypton RyePA:
Kam: 85.5

Schmaltz Brewing:
Jewbelation Sweet 16:
Kam: 82.5

Rogue Dead Guy Ale:
Kam: 91

Rogue Mogul Madness Ale:
Kam: 82.5

Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale:
Kam: 73

Russell 6.26: Kam: 90

Sierra Nevada Torpedo:
Kam: 91.5

St. Ambroise Vintage Ale:
Kam: 83

Thirsy Beaver Amber Ale:
Kam: 80.5

Three Philosophers: Quad Belgian Style Blend:
Kam: 83.5

Tree Brewing Vertical Winter Ale:
Kam: 82.5

Tullibardine Strong:
Kam 79

Wells Banana Bread Beer:
Kam: 77

Westvleteran XII:
Kam: 92.5

Whistler Chestnut Ale:
Kam: 81

Whistler Pineapple Express:
Kam: 79.5

Amrut Fusion:
Kam: 86

Kam: 86.5

Kam: 85.5

Bunnahabhain 9:
Kam: 88

Kam: 94.5

Glen Garioch 15:
Kam: 88.5

Glenmorangie Nectar d’Or:
Kam: 93.5

Kuch Nai:
Kam: 81.5

Maker’s Mark:
Kam: 78

Tullibardine Banyuls:
Kam: 85

Wild Turkey Rare Breed:
Kam: 89


Botanist Gin, The: Kam: 88.5

Bombay Gin: Kam: 76

El Dorado 12 Year: Kam: 94.5

Tobala Classico Mescal: Kam: 88

Scorpion Repsosado: Kam: 84

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Coney Island Lager

The Coney Island Lager, produced by Shmaltz Brewing — an authentic Jewish brewery from New York — is a (hopped) lager that utilizes Czech pilsner yeast and multiple strains of malts and hops. Along with other Schmaltz beers, such He’brew: The Chosen Beer, this lager is Kosher!

– Kamran


One sniff or sip of this ‘lager’ and one immediately thinks of India Pale Ales. Though I’m unsure of what the IBU (International Bitter Units) for this beer is, I’m sure it’s high enough that it could be classified as an IPA; however, due to the bottom-fermenting yeast being used, it must be known as a lager. Regardless, it is much hoppier than so called IPA’s such as Alexander Keith’s, which should itself be called a lager.

The Coney Island Lager should really be referred to as a hopped lager, comparable to Czechvar — which uses similar yeast, malts, and hops — Phillips Eternal Optimist, Lighthouse’s Overboard Imperial Pilsner, and Okanagan Springs Hopped. As such, I find it much more enjoyable than your typical lager — there’s more complexity and flavour!

With a pleasant, citrusy nose, solid hop profile — replete with robust aroma hops — crisp finish (no lingering lager aftertaste, just a consistent floral bitterness), and relatively light body, the Coney Island lager is a great beer, and not a huge step for a lager-boy who wishes to expand their beer horizons.

Nose: 21
Body: 20.5
Taste: 22
Finish: 21.5

Kamran: 85 pts.


With its unique labeling, we were not exactly sure what we were getting ourselves into when we selected this beer for our tasting. Certainly once we started dividing it between the three of us did we realize we had found something that certainly changed our perceptions of what a lager could be. The rich colour, the sweet balance of 8 malts (Specialty 2-row, 2 types of Pale Ale, Marris Otter, Red Wheat, Cara Munich 60L, Light Munich 6L, Vienna 4L, Flaked Barley) and 6 hops (Warrior, Amarillo, Cascade, Tettenange, Saaz, Hallertau) this delicate balance was held together by the Czech pilsner yeast used by Shmaltz Brewing. It has a bitter and crisp taste mellows out on the palate to a nice smooth, slightly hopped aftertaste. Certainly it would be a beer worth exploring again in the future.

Nose: 20
Body: 18
Taste: 20
Finish: 18

Tristan: 76 pts.


If you went to Coney Island, I’m assuming you would find 2 things; this lager and the iconic Ferris wheel made famous by 1979 film The Warriors. Here’s the kicker…I actually thoroughly enjoy both!

As Kam mentioned above, this really should not be calling itself a lager. Judging by the scent this beer greets you with, which is a surprisingly strong array of hops leading to a pleasant aroma,  Coney Island Lager should really be  Coney Island IPA. The body also does not adhere to the name, as it combines a dark appearance with a smooth texture to create a rather heavy beer that could easily fill you in two or three bottles. The taste is also heavily reminiscent of an IPA, with the hops from the aroma carrying over into the flavour, creating a very bitter, slightly citric tang. The finish continues the IPA style textures, with the citric flavours carrying for around a minute before fading. All in all, a very nice ‘Indian Pale Lager’ which may act as a good starting point for anyone unfamiliar with IPAs. Definitely recommended.

Nose: 23
Body: 21
Taste: 20
Finish: 20

James: 84 pts.


Final Average: 81. 66 pts.

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