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Innis & Gunn Rum Cask

Oh the Innis & Gunn Rum Cask, a darker amber/brown nectar aged for 57 days in the cask. While it draws on the same techniques for brewing and flavours of the original, this beer is less sweet as the original yet still packs in a vanilla and toffee treat with the malt, and keeps a similar consistency in body. While I’m not sure where the idea came from to use rum instead of whisky, the results are very enjoyable.



While the rum cask, now rum finish, is a regular Innis & Gunn product, that is available all year long, I don’t drink it nearly as much as the original. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great beer, just not what I’m looking for when it comes to Innis & Gunn.

Aged in previously used rum casks, the beer is infused with Caribbean spices. Though a great fan of rum — likely my second favourite spirit — I’m not a huge fan of spicy beers, or wines for that matter. I like when a beer is spiced lightly with caramel, nutmeg, hops, etc. but if the spiciness is highly noticeable I take offense. That said, Innis & Gunn’s rum cask is not offensive, but it is certainly spiced to a level of slight distaste. I feel like it takes away from the effervescent oak-instilled flavours that I tend to love of Innis & Gunn.

Nose: 20.5
Body: 21
Taste: 19.5
Finish: 20

Kamran: 81 pts.


The rum cask, while not my favourite of the series is quite a memorable beer. Like most all Innis & Gunns, it is typically very sweet as opposed to bitter. Aged 57 days and at 7.4% it also is stronger than your average beer.

On the nose I detected primarily a spiced scent, combined with a vanilla and mild toffee sweetness, as well as some evidence of a very faint rum and oak. The body is very smooth and velvety, while the taste is very little of the spiced nose elements but more a malty sweetness with the rum. The finish is a slow fade of sweetness that to me resembled a rum and coke fade.

While not the top in the collection, this beer certainly was a welcome addition to my fridge and while the Rum Cask has now been changed to a Rum Finish, I would highly recommend it to people who like beers on the malty side of the spectrum.

Nose: 23
Body: 22
Taste: 22
Finish: 19

Tristan: 85 pts.


Final Average: 83 pts.

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