Top 10 Beers

A floating top ten, based on products we have tasted — determined by the average of our scores. Some of these beers are the average of all three of our scores, but many of them — most recently reviewed — are the average of just Kamran and Tristan. The number of reviewers will be indicated after the score.

1. 18 Year Highland Cask 2010, Innis & Gunn Brewing (Scotland) — 96.5 pts. (2)

2. Bird of Prey: Flanders Red (lambic), Driftwood Brewing (Canada, Vancouver Island) — 95 pts. (2)

3. 21 Year Highland Cask 2010, Innis & Gunn Brewing (Scotland) — 93 pts. (3)

4. Orignal, Innis & Gunn Brewing (Scotland) — 92.75 pts. (2)

5. Winter Ale, Innis & Gunn Brewing (Scotland) — 90.25 pts. (2)

6. Woolly Bugger Barley Wine, Howe Sound Brewing (Canada: Squamish) — 88.25 pts. (2)

7. Big Smoke Ale, Storm Brewing & Russell Brewing (Canada: Vancouver, Surrey) — 88 pts. (2)

8. Ebulum Elderberry Black Ale, Williams Brothers Brewing (Scotland) — 86.5 pts. (3)

9. Fraoch Heather Ale, Williams Brothers Brewing (Scotland) — 86.16 pts. (3)

10. Rum Finish, Innis & Gunn Brewing (Scotland) — 84.5  (2)

2 responses to “Top 10 Beers

  1. Mike CArney

    Like this!

    1. Would be nice to get a review with the rankings that also includes subjective comparisons like ” it reminds me of the Redhook IPA but with alittle less on the hops..” for example.

    You younger guys probably don’t appreciate how far the craft and microbrewing in the USA has come over the past 30 years…

    • Thanks for the feedback! About a month or so ago we did contemplate what you’re suggesting. However, we felt that all scores, reviews and comparisons for beer would be best on the main page to avoid cluttering the Top 10 section. I will try to incorporate more comparisons in my reviews for upcoming beers. Check back again, and thanks for taking the time to explore our blog.


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